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Samantha Padfield Joins the CMS Legal Team

Samantha Padfield Joins the CMS Legal Team

It is with great pleasure that we announce the most recent appointment of Ms Samantha Padfield Read More

Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future

Over the last few months CMS Legal Family Lawyers has had the privilege of hosting College Read More

Keep Beauty Real Campaign

Keep Beauty Real Campaign

When our solicitor Marilyn Krawitz is not attending to clients at CMS Legal Family Lawyers, Read More

Confidentiality in the Family Court of WA

Confidentiality in the Family Court of WA

It's common knowledge that the media cannot publish the names of the parties in Family Court Read More

Court Grants Widow Right to Use Dead Husband's Sperm

Court Grants Widow Right to Use Dead Husband's Sperm

For most new parents, having a child is one of the most special times of their lives. However, Read More

CMS Legal Launch New Initiative

This week at CMS Legal Family Lawyers we are finishing the final preparations as we embark on an exciting new opportunity for our firm. This new change will allow us to continue to extend our ability to meet the needs of our clients with their Family Law needs. Stay tuned to our blog as we share more details this coming Friday.

Thankfulness Day

This weekend if nothing less we celebrate the land of the long weekend. For many Australian's this weekend has come under a lot on online discussion and opinion as to its validity. There are the T-Shirts being taken off shelves and the need to recognize Australia's original inhabitant's vs just the arrival of the first fleet in 1788. There's statistics that make it mired as one of Australia's more violent days, as police records show and it's also a day were just in the City of Joondalup alone over 100 people from nations all over the world will choose to become Australian Citizens.

The fact is whatever view you have on Australia Day; most of us still believe this is the lucky country. It's a place of freedom of expression, a place of free enterprise, where someone can start with nothing and build a life for themselves. It's a place with untapped resources and a place of unending beauty.

So my 10 cents worth is this. Make it a day of Thankfulness. I'm thankful for my Sam Kekavich Lamb Chops, I'm thankful for my family and that my children can get a good education and live in a relatively safe country. I'm thankful that most Australian's are tolerant and embrace new people and new cultures. I for one love my curries, pastas, doner kebabs, Churros and many other elements that other cultures bring. I'm thankful for friends and I'm thankful for every breath this life gives me.

So this Australia Day whether is dodging the double demerit points, doing it low key and hitting up the Skyworks, take a moment to ask yourself, 'What am I thankful for?'

Seasons Greetings

Christmas can be a fairly crazy time for most families. There's the buying of presents, preparation of food and the sharing of it with family and friends.

It's often a time of evaluating the last year and comparing it to previous years. There's the dreaming of what is to come and some nervousness of what may come.

As you take Christmas and New Years with the good and the bad, remember to stop for those that make life special. The ageing grandparent, chatting with mum over the Christmas dishes, the child whose eyes are full of wonder.

It is in these moment we discover the true richness of life.

From all the team at CMS Legal we wish you and those you love a special Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Colour Your World

It's not every day that grown adults get together on mass to get filthy dirty in the name of charity, or at least that's our excuse.

This month saw CMS Legal enter a team in the Annual Swisse Color Run. (yes color, not colour) An annual event established in the United States and now running over 200 events worldwide.

The philosophy is simple.

Combine a fun run with coloured powder, a whole tonne of atmosphere, 16,000 participants and a festival finale. The outcome, in the organiser's words is, "the Happiest 5kms on Earth".

Let me tell you, it was so much fun. The sense of joy over the event was contagious, as volunteers dished out bucketfulls of coloured power (Coloured Cornstarch) and high fives to competitors.

The event is more about participation than pace. Competitors start out in white, while each kilometre a new coloured power is added to the mix.

The finale is a festival event, where strangers became community, and participants became united in one messy, colourful celebration.

There are many fun runs organised in Perth. This stands alone as one of the most joyful and less painful. If you're a serious runner it might not be the one for you, but if you're up for a lot of fun, consider joining us next year.

PS. A word to the wise. Take a clean set of clothes or a towel for the trip home. This event will leave you covered in colour.

Photo: Glen Davies, Nelson Chibwe, Craig Scott, Bec Davies

A Team that Pushes Through the Mud

At CMS legal we have grown accustom to our Principal Craig Scott entering into all sorts of punishing fitness events in the name of charity. The Western Mudd Rush this August was just another in a long line and the photos are back to prove it.

This year's Western Mudd Rush did not fail to disappoint the faithful die-hards, as competitors set out on a challenging 9km course at the State Equestrian Centre. Combining 24 challenging obstacles with lots of mud and water, participants work their way through in teams to complete the rigorous course.

We asked Craig why he puts himself through these tough event.

Craig says, "I love the personal challenge of it. I love the idea of working in a team, using individual's strengths to see the ultimate goal of all of us crossing the finish line together."

This obviously flows over to the inner workings of CMS legal and some of its core foundational values.

The CMS Legal team take personally the challenge of representing clients and providing workable platforms for moving matters forward. There is an interdependent culture where solicitors are encouraged to work together to find the best outcomes for clients.

If you, a friend or a family member need family law advice contact us to speak to one of our team.